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The walls are getting smaller...

Well I can honestly say I think all the drama is finally over. Everything has been said and done and everyone is fine. I think?

Well today has been a really lame day. I've done like close to nothing. Ran a few errons for my mom and my sister and later on I have to go get Sarah from work. I'll probably stay over there tonight cause I really don't feel like staying home another night. I hate staying home. I hate hearing my parents bitch at me for everything I do. It gets really lame.

Anyways I don't think I'm going to the Something Corporate show. If I go it will just cause even more drama. So I get to bring even MORE money to Warp Tour which is AWESOME. Cause thats my school shopping day lol. I'm not even sure whos going with me? Let me know or something.

Welll thats all.

Dude comment please! I never get any comments and it makes me want to cry!


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